Aromatic Body Oils

Zaidat Bombata is the "chemist" behind Aromatic Body Oils.

Born in West Africa, she came to the United States as a toddler, and comes from a long line of artists. Her mother is a fashion designer, her uncle, the world renowned artist Prince Okuku.

Bombata says, "While I can't sew or paint, I think the artistic flair comes out in my products, especially my soaps." Zaidat came to Etsy via a craft forum 2 years ago and she has not been able to tear herself away since!

In an effort to find a product in the market that would properly moisturize her skin she set out to create products for herself. After a few years of making bath and body products for her personal use, it finally struck her that she could actually make these products for other people too!

Bombata's Dead Sea Mud Scrub is a wonderful product, "Like Mousse for the face", she says.

Her shop is full of wonderful fragrances, delicious body lotions and wonderful soaps. All the products are made from scratch. Zaidat infuses her products with lots of time and patience, carefully creates and tests her products.

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Love it! It looks great, thank you so much for the feauture:)