C Serpent Designs

There are many jewelry designers displaying thier craft on Etsy, but C Serpent Designs stands out.

Susan Estrada lives in San Diego, California and loves what she does. "A friend, who did some beading, invited me to a wirewrapping class when we had a 3 hour break between soccer games with a league we belonged to - I went, had a blast and have been going strong ever since!" states Estrada.

Susan strives hard to use only top quality components in her designs and makes them to last. She does not use anything plated if she can avoid it. Susan says, "A lot of plated components tarnish in a short amount of time. I'm moving to Argentium silver rather than sterling, since it tarnishes at a much slower rate, which means less polishing for my customers."

C Serpent Designs often uses the lampwork beads that adorn her designs as the inspiration for the designs themselves. Beautifully designed custom lampwork beads are incorporated into the designs which are highlighted by the high quality findings she always uses.

Please visit C Serpent Designs' Etsy shop and her blog where you can learn more about her and other Etsy artists.