Mommy and Me Boutique

Mommy and Me Boutique started in her craft by first in making upholstered furniture for dolls. She was rather successful and later moved to making doll clothes.

About 2 years she noticed that the trend for wearing aprons was on the comeback. She created some designs that she thought were up beat and modern (not like the aprons she wore in the 50s). "Mommy & Me"started selling them in a lovely boutique and they really took off. This Etsy shop makes aprons for adults and toddlers

"Mommy & Me" loves Etsy because everything has to be handmade. She also admired the energy and attitude of the young men who decided to develop the etsy site.

"Mommy & Me" loves working with beautiful fabrics and creating different things. She is excited about Etsy because you are not limited to what you can put into your store, as long as it is handmade giving her a chance to explore different things I am interested in.

Please visit her Etsy shop and her blog to see more about this unique artisan.


Thank you for the lovely feature; I appreciate it!