My Fair Lady Beadworks

Artist, Ann Burke, has been beading a few years. She is especially proficient in the art of Beadweaving. Ann often uses her art as a way to relax.

Ms. Burke came to Etsy after hearing about it though a friend and fellow artist at a local art fair in Vermont, where she lives and works.

She has always been intrigued in the art of beading. A few years ago Ann took a generalized beading class and has been hooked ever since. She later began to look into and learn about the art of Beadweaving. An intricate form of beading, beadweaving is the art of making "fabric" from beads.

Please take the time to visit My Fair Lady's Etsy shop to see her beautiful work. I can only imagine the time and patience it takes to create some of the pieces. You can also visit and converse with Ann at her blog.


MyFairLadyVT4 said…
Wow, Ireally love your Blog. Very colorful as well as your artwork.