Purple Snow Peas

Purple Snow Peas is an Etsy artist who embraces some of my own favorite art forms...Textiles, Photograpy and Paper Goods...

This Etsian artist, Kathryn Short, is a photographer trained at the Maryland Institue College of Art...a photography major she also enjoys bookmaking and knitting...as you can see from the pictures, she shows extraordinary talent in each of these art forms.

Please visit her Etsy shop at: http://purplesnowpeas.etsy.com/

Or her blog at: http://purple-snowpeas-shop.blogspot.com/


Kathryn said…
Thanks for the write up! Also, thanks for featuring each of my different categories of items:) I appreciate it! Kathryn
Kathryn said…
Would you mind adding a link to my blog as well?