Realm of Nerdiness

Liz Staley has been creative all her life (encouraged by her Mom), Ms. Staley drew and made things all the time through her school years. She learned how to crochet when she was in middle school, and went to art college for animation.

After loosing her job and being unable to find another one Liz started crocheting in the free time she had. Her best friend told her about this site (Etsy) where you could sell handmade items and she has been there ever since. Liz is a prolific creator and dabbles in many different media.

Button making has been a recent thing and Liz considers this an "art form" too. Staley is phasing out all of the crocheted pieces (except for the bands from herkeyboard chokers) this year.

In her shop you can purchase OOAK (One of a Kind) pins, ACEO's (Artist's trading cards), plushies, wallets and more.

Please visit her blog, her web publication and of course her Etsy shop!


Thank you for the awesome write up!