SDS Designs

This Etsy seller has, in past lives, been a telemarketer, a roofer, a finish carpenter, a framer, a laborer on many jobs, worked with show horses, a secretary, general construction worker, and anything else that involved using her hands. This list is exhausting just looking at it...Whew!

Shannon Saylor says "The women in my family all have their own wood working shops, and their own power tools apart from the men." She has both given and received power tools as Christmas gifts from and for the other women in her family...

In September of last year Shannon got hooked on beading. "I was buying Christmas presents for all my family girls and friends when I decided that I would like to give beading and jewelry making a try myself." says Saylor.

Shannon belongs to a chat board where she shares ideas and exchanges supplies with other Etsians. Shannon often donates part of her proceeds to charity and is proud to be a member of Etsy for Animals (EFA). She has great items for sale in her shop and welcomes custom orders.

You really need to check out her Etsy will be suprised at the delicate beadwork coming from this former carpenter. Shannon also has a blog where she features other Etsy artisans.


shannon said…
bless you honey... you have a great way of putting things. I would have never thought of it.