Witty Workshop

Valérie Parizeault is a Canadian illustrator & designer from Montreal. She is also the owner of Rose Flash, Playfully spirited Jewelry (http://www.roseflash.ca/). Valerie works as a graphic designer and art teacher.

Valerie's Etsy shop... Witty Workshop is filled with whimsical images that evolve from moments of bliss she experiences in her life. Especially close to her heart is her piece "Alice's Flower" pictured here. She takes her inspiration from her life and the people in it.

Images make her happy and she is at her happiest when these images of joy are hung on the walls around her. When you buy a piece of art, you "should buy a piece you really love, one that makes you feel good" says Parizeault.

A visit to Witty Workshop is a "feel good" experience you shouldn't miss!

Valerie's daily blog can be found at pot-aux-roses.blogspot.com
She also writes a blog helpful to the small internet marketer...especially helpful to us Etsians: http://bitethebusiness.blogspot.com/.

Check them out and leave comments please.


Valerie said…
Thank you for your post! You have a lovely blog, I loved reading the Einstein quotes :)