New Through the Viewfinder Prints now available.

Well...I have been remiss in my writing...busy with lots of company... which is the way it goes at this time of year in South Florida. All those who live in the colder climates can't take another day without sunshine so they all head south for a week or so.

I have been very busy putting up some new photos. Most of these are from the TtV series...a few new photomontages as well.

I have been looking at many new artists on Etsy and will be contacting a few of them to interview in the next few days, so stay tuned!

I am also working on a new banner for my blog and my can see my attempts at the Etsy shop, but I have gotten some great feedback from my fellow Etsians and will be making some more changes soon!

Thanks for looking and always buy handmade!


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Tricia said…
I love this unique take on the dandelion, beautiful contrast, it really attracts the eye! Great work! littletricia