Building a Website!

I am in the process of building a website for a close personal friend who creates incredible mosaics.

I would love it if you all would take a peek at what I have so far and comment back to let me know what you think...any suggestions or comments really would be appreciated.

Just click here: MOSAICS BY MINDY to be taken to the around once you are there and see how it is all coming together.

Under Galleries... "New" and "Gallery 1" are pretty much completed...Galleries 2 and 3 and all of the "About" stuff is still under construction.

I am really excited about this project and think I will be offering my services to others who wish to showcase their work. This site is not for e-commerce...strictly for showing off!


Reginia said…
Stacy, that website is so classy!! I love the black bg's and the way the galleries are set up! You do some great web work!

ps. the comment @ showing off! I love it!!
Pam Hawk said…
Very very nice. :o)

And... love the shoes!