Craig's List Offers Opportunities to Artists

I spent a good bit of my time today looking through various cities' postings on Craig's List under the heading

In addition to finding a bunch of garbage... I was treated to a few nuggets of real talent. Many artists try to self promote using Craig's List. I, myself, have tried this in the past but without much success. Craig's listing rules prevent anyone from creating any real buzz...unless of course you are giving away the contents of someone's home (with or without their knowledge...)but... I digress.

What I found most interesting, as I began to look through the postings, was that there were many small galleries, museums, websites, and even a small town looking for submissions from artists both local and non-local. A vast variety of medium were represented.

For listing led me to the Contemporary Art Network which has created a unique way to promote artists. Another listing sent me to the Magnolia Art Show poster design contest... I think you get the idea.

As far as artists go... there were plenty of them. Photographers, mural artists, portrait artists, installation artists, musicians, performance art and much more were seeking work or offering work. Many of the larger cities also offered studio space and various art classes in many mediums for those interested.

I think it's really worth a peek, now and then, just to see what others are doing and if there are any areas where you may be able to submit your own work for review and perhaps even for exhibit and/or sale.

Let me know if you find anything interesting that you would like me to pass on to my readers! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to leave your comments.


Albina Rose said…
Good tip! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to wait a couple of weeks to move something off my plate before I can really explore this, but I will let you know if I find anything that could be of interest to you.

Aidana WillowRaven said…
Thanks hun,

I'll check them out, if you happened to see anything in your meanderings for cover artists or children's book illustrators let me know.

See you in the nings!
Kelly C. said…
very cool. i hadn't thought of this before, but am definitely going to check it out.
BlueMoon said…
Really good info here, thanks for posting it! I love it when we all try and help each other...
Patricia's Art said…
Good article. I'll check our Craigs list. I just signed up with a local Art Gallery where I live . They have a website:

It's new ,only open a month so we'll see how it goes.Its in a good location in Richmond,Va
bjrhyuijkolp said…
Great article! Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for the tip. will check it out soon. Hope it works for you.
Tizzalicious said…
That's very interesting, thank you!
Waterrose said…
What a great little article. Thanks for posting here and in the forums...I might have missed this info!
ArtsyChaos said…
Nice article and tips ! I don't think it applies to what I make (scrapbooking embellishments) but I appreciate the knowledge nonetheless !