Front Page of Etsy Statistics...

Ok, so I finally made it to the front page of Etsy (yea!) at 5 pm EST today, May 8, 2008.

This was originally a treasury from Treasury West and I don't believe there were more than 20 views or 6 comments when it hit the front page.

Here is what I gained...I thought I would post it for all to see. Perhaps you can post your experiences as well.

I was on the front page for exactly one hour... 5 pm to 6 pm EST.

Increase in shop views to the tune of ...309
Increase in shop hearts...13
Increase in hearts on the item itself...6

The t-shirt and the earrings sold while this treasury was on the front piece did not sell and as of now...7:41 pm, I have not sold anything new since this was front and center.
So...those are the facts, Jack!

Here is the front page from a screen shot I took when it went up at 5 pm EST....that's right hand corner.


beadinbythesea said…
Great info! Now if I could just get on the front page! Congratulations!
SpinachNPeace said…
Hmmm...interesting! Gorgeous item! Being on the front page is really an honor. Congratulations!
woolies said…
congrats on the front page!!
Mary Ann said…
Congrats! I made the front page once. Lot of views and hearts, but no sales.
SToNZ said…
Congrats! I always wondered how front page helps on exposure and sales.
I am always worried that the day I hit the front page, my shop won't be stocked!
Congrats and thanks for sharing the data...

FaerieRebecca said…
Congrats on your front page exposure--and thanks for compiling the stats!
ArtsyChaos said…
I saw this, it was a beautiful treasury for sure.. just like your item ! Congrats !!
Yaaaayyyy for you!

You do such beautiful work!

Happy for you and who knows...perhaps one of the ones that hearted your site will return and buy many items! :)

Bridget Farmer said…
thanks for sharing the stats! it was interesting. i don't think i've been on the front page yet. I need to revamp my shop!