Kristina Law, Founder of Design Style Guide

As a member of Design Style Guide, I thought our membership would be interested in learning a bit more about it's founder, Kristina Law. Kristina is a busy woman, but she graciously took a little bit of her time to answer some questions for me.

Kristina is, not only, the mastermind behind Design Style Guide, she also continues to run her own Etsy shop...Kristina Law Limited Editions. She creates wonderful works of art in pillow form.

Here is the interview:

How did you conceive the idea of DSG?

I saw a need when I looked at Etsy and Ebay and some other similar sites and realized how easy it was to get lost and go by unnoticed even with a beautiful, high quality store. Another factor is the slowed down economy so it makes sense to work together as a team to have a bigger advertising power.

When did the DSG begin?

Earlier this year, 2008.

Does the DSG fit with your initial conception?

Yes, although until our team website is fully functional, we have not even scratched the surface. At this point we are using a private forum to network and two blogs to show off our work collectively and

Who is your target audience and how do you reach them?

Professional Interior Designers, Decorators and like minded buyers. We are not reaching to them yet, because we need to have some other important elements in place, but we hope to start later this year. At this point we are focusing a lot on cross promotion using each other blogs, which can be very powerful when it is done right.

How has DSG evolved?

We are moving to other sellers outside of Etsy, but we will stay with "Handmade" movement.

How many members do you have and how do you reach them?

We currently almost 600 members and growing. Most of them are on Etsy at this point, but that can change soon. Members come to us as a result of word of mouth and networking.

How many hours per day or week do you spend on working on DSG?

Depends. I have a lot of help. Without help, it would be simply impossible to move forward so I really appreciate everyone who stepped up. I do it full time.

Does DSG generate income for you?

Not at this point, since we are not fully setup. Until now I was testing the idea to see if it has any potential in the market, so we will continue to grow and work on our goals until we become a professional firm.

What is ning?

Social Networking Site that has many features in place that makes it easy to network together.

Do you have help and if so how much and how many hours are given by them?

Yes, I get a lot of help. I do not know the hours since all are volunteers and we do not have a payroll, but I am very pleased with just how much we have already accomplished in such a short time. You can see a list of all volunteers on the main page under Team Officers.

What long term/short term goals do you have?

Short term - growing like crazy, Long term - having a working relationship with Interior Designers and Decorators all over the world.


Lynne c martin said…
great job...thanks for posting
Muddyfingers said…
I'm excited to be a part of DSG in its formative stage. I think the potential to reach buyers is phenomenal and I appreciate Kristina's efforts and vision. Thanks also to all the volunteers that are making this possible.
AltheaP said…
Thanks for the great write-up. It's good to learn more about the creative energy that's driving this team!
Martha Marshall said…
Great interview. Thanks for doing it, and my thanks to Kristina for her vision in coming up with the concept.
f2images said…
I agree with the others. It's enlightening to read this interview with our innovative leader. DSG is such a dynamic team of which we are part. I'm excited to be a member of this team in it's infancy/toddlerhood, and look forward to Kristina's vision coming to fruition. -Emiko ;)
Ron's Rag Rugs said…
A huge thanks to Kristina, not only for DSG, but also for all the help she has given newbees like me (and I am sure many others) as we encounter problems getting things set up. She is my IDT hero! Thanks to you also for the interview. It really helps us know each other and have that team spirit. I feel so fortunate to be part of such a great group.
Alison Du Bois said…
Great post, Citrus Tree Designs ~ I really enjoyed learning more about Kristina - she's amazing! I look forward to reading your posts!

And I just wanted to share with you, that I have tagged your blog!
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Take care!