Skateboard Design Contest...Need Your HELP!

I was cruising though Craig's List one day and came upon a design contest for skateboards. I have posted here before about the opportunities that can sometimes be found, on Craig's List, for artisans.

I entered the contest to get Mr. Max (my soon to be 11 year old, skateboarding, freak of a son) a new skateboard for his birthday. The winning design will be made into a limited edition skateboard, branded on the top with the number of the edition (ie: 1/100) AND the designers name.

I was hoping to convice some of you to go to Art Deckos and place a vote of "EXCELLENT" for my design. This may help me be able to win one for him. The design is called "Urban Grind" and it is near the bottom, on the right. You can see a picture of the design above.

While you are there...don't forget to enter next month's contest yourself, by downloading the design kit...Art Deckos makes it really easy!

Thanks in advance!