Time Capsule...Using Your Flickr Images

Crazy Boy

This little gem is so much fun! I have been uploading images to my Flickr account for quite a long time now... If you don't yet have a Flickr account it is so simple and fun to use. A picture uploading site with millions of photos and tons of members. You can mark your photos or images as private or public...so not to worry if you don't want everyone looking at your stuff.

Here is my public Flickr account: Citrus Tree Designs

Anyway...I digress.

It has been a long time since I began using Flickr...so long , in fact, I have totally forgotten what I have uploaded over time. Well, not any more! Now twice a month, in my email, I receive a great "remember when".

Using this nifty tool from Photojojo, I get two pictures automatically emailed to me. The images are taken from my Flickr account. The tool is called: TIMECAPSULE and it's FREE to use.

So much fun...it's like a present in your email. It almost always brings a smile to my face.

"Try it, you'll like it!"


That is so much fun! I'm definitely going to try it. You have a great looking blog here. I found you from reading Etsy forums looking for how to print greeting cards. Still haven't read your tutorial because there seem to be too many other good things to read here! Thanks!