Laptop Art...Accepting Submissions - Earn Money and the Admiration of Adoring Fans!

Have you ever been waiting at the airport and seen someone on there laptop typing's not what they are doing that is interesting, but the artwork that is applied to the cover of the laptop that keeps you from looking away.

In the past it has been mostly stickers of skater logos or travel stickers. Well, welcome to the 21st century. You have all seen these cool new vinyl adhesives applied to bedroom & livingroom walls, cars, toilet tanks and more. Now, your laptop can be equally customizable.

More than that, if you are a designer, or aspire to be one, you can earn money from your designs and maybe even spot your own design, in the airport, next time you travel.

Check out INFECTIOUS...a cool new site where you can submit your own work for critique, or even to be accepted for production. There are no creative constraints and the site provides the templates for you to use. The favored design of the month receives $500 cash, 5% of net sales and up to $400 in Infectious product. Selected runners up are awarded $100 cash, 5% of net sales and up to $400 in Infectious product.

So get your creative brains working and submit your work now! You can see the beginning of my own submission above...have fun.