It's an OBAMA Christmas...Peace & Joy on Earth is my Christmas ... Click the link below for the tune and then sing the lyrics below...

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock...

Democrat's, Democrat's, Democrat's Rock

The White House will swing, the bells they will ring

Shouting and clapping for victory's come

The inauguration has begun

Democrat's, Democrat's, Democrat's rock

Obama's time 2000 and 9

Hoping and believing with Barack at our side

Change is in the air

What a bright man, he's the right man

To bring the change we need

He'll unite us not divide us

Bring us forward in a brand new way

Come along everyone, come and be heard

Everyone has a voice

Stop and listen to Obama's dream

That's the Democrat's...that's the democrat's...that's the democrat's rock!


Sacred Herbals said…
Haha I like that! Very creative tree :)