TUTORIAL- Type on a Path to Follow Shape


In this tutorial I will show you how to create text that follows along the perimeter of a shape. I use a simple rectangle, but this will work for any shape you like. The text will adapt to the shape you choose. (The text made need a bit of tweeking for font size, leading, etc. to fit perfectly)

1. First, open a new document and add a shape to it. In this example I am using the shape tool...you will see many options at the top for different shapes. Choose something you like and you're off!

2. With your cursor click and drag on your new document and your shape will appear. Now look in your layers palette and click on the "Paths" tab. At the bottom you will want to choose the third icon from the left (I have it circled)...if you scroll over it, it will display that this icon is to "Load Path as a Selection".

3. Now you will see the "Marching Ants" or the animated dashed line around your shape. This indicates that the perimeter of the shape is now a selection. The text we will add will follow this dashed line around your shape.

4. With the path highlighted in the "Paths Palette" click on your "Text" tool to begin adding the text. The text cursor will look like an I-beam with a sqiggley line through it when you place it over the path. This indicates that the text will follow the path.

It looks like this :

5. Now, when you type, the font will follow the "path" of the selection and continue until you run out of room.

6. The path becomes it's own entity, so you may move it independent of the original shape you created. Below is an example of a different design path...play with it...it's fun!

Please leave me any questions or comments you may have! Thanks for visiting my blog...enjoy!!!!


Carol B said…
THANK YOU! This task has driven me crazy in the past.
K said…
That's awesome! THANKS!!!