SKETCHES & WATERCOLOR: My first attempts

These are my first attempts at sketching and watercolors...just thought I would see if anyone wanted to comment or give me a clue...because I obviously don't really know what I am doing.

It was fun to try though!


TMCPhoto said…
I love the eye, very subtle.

If this helps here's what I remember from Drawing class; from product training while working for an Art Supply company and what has worked for me:

Try having your watercolour diluted to three different consistancies, light, med and dark. Work into your sketches gradually starting with the lightest washes first and working to darker. Watercolour is tricky because you're working backwards light to dark and you need to keep the white of the paper for your whites. Tough if you get carried away with the painting part. you'll want to add lots of layers with each of the dilutions too. you can experiment with working wet on dry wet on wet and with watercolour mediums too. I'd also suggest getting a nice heavy paper wot work on too 200lb watercolour paper is heavy enough that yo won't need to stretch the paper before you start and it won't buckle and bubble up
Patrick said…
looks nice, remonds me of this.

You just need to add the boats for the dramatic effect!