Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photoshop Tutorial: DON'T CANCEL...RESET!

Often times, when working in Photoshop, I will use the trial and error method of adjusting images. With the preview button checked, I can see the immediate effect of the adjustment, and will sometimes find it not to my liking (this happens more often than not).

In the past I would cancel the adjustment only to have to re-open the same adjustment window to make another attempt. Well, NO MORE!

By holding down the Alt/Option key my cancel button magically turns itself into a reset button...this has become an invaluable time saver for me.

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ConnieLou said...

Thanks for the tip!

miz katie said...

hm..doesn't work for me, but I'm using an older PS version.

Francesca said...

very helpful, thanks!

Daniel Montoya said...

Cool - that's a neat time saver. Thanks.

zenhen said...

thank you for the tip!