PS TUTORIAL: Choose All Text Layers at Once

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Photoshop makes your life easy with layers.
Photoshop makes your life a nightmare with layers. can go either way. You might have a file with only a couple of layers, or you may have a file with one hundred layers. For this tutorial, I will show you how to choose all of your text layers at once, easily.

1. You see my file with many layers and the text layers dispersed throughout the file. If I want to move all of the text layers as a single unit, I will need to scroll down through the file and choose each one, or.....

2. Choose a single text layer and then go to the "Select" option on the top toolbar.

3. From there, choose "Similar Layers" this will select all of the text layers, (or any other similar layers you might wish to choose.)

4. Now all of your text layers are chosen for your editing pleasure.

5. Now you will able to move your text layers as a single unit. Simple Simon!

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